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Ta-pum Trad. ItalianFlute solo
Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay! TraditionalFlute & Piano
Tady's Wattle Trad. IrishFlute solo
Take Five P. DesmondFlute solo
Take Me Out to the Ball Game A. Von TilzerFlute solo
Tam Lin D. ArthurFlute solo
Tambourin F.-J. GossecFlute & Piano
from Pièces de clavecin
J.-P. RameauFlute solo
Tanning the Leather Trad. IrishFlute solo
from The Nutcracker, Op. 71
P.I. TchaikovskyFlute solo
Tarantella napoletana Trad. ItalianFlute solo
from 50 Etudes mélodiques, Op. 4, No. 13
J. DemerssemanFlute solo
Taymouth House Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Te voglio bene assaje Trad. ItalianFlute & Piano
from 25 Romantic Studies, Op. 66, No. 3
E. KöhlerFlute solo
Tell Her I Am Trad. IrishFlute solo
Tema con variazione
from Six Duos pour Deux Flûtes, No. 4
F. DevienneFlute duet
Tema con variazioni
from Serenade No. 10 in B-flat major, K. 361
W.A. MozartFlute solo
Temple Hill Trad. IrishFlute solo
Tempo di Minuetto
from Sonata for Two Flutes No. 4 in G major, Op. 1, No. 4, Mvmt. 4
M. BlavetFlute duet
Tempo di Minuetto
from Flute Duet No. 3 in B minor, QV 3:2; Op. 2, No. 3
J.J. QuantzFlute duet
Tempo di Minuetto
from Partita No. 2, TWV 41:G2, Mvmt. 7
G.P. TelemannFlute & Piano
Tempo di Minuetto
from Partita No. 4, TWV 41:g2, Mvmt. 4
G.P. TelemannFlute & Piano
Tempo giusto
from Partita No. 4, TWV 41:g2, Mvmt. 6
G.P. TelemannFlute & Piano
Ten Little Indians TraditionalFlute solo
Tendre Fleur
from 25 Études faciles et progressives, Op. 100, No. 10
F. BurgmüllerFlute solo
from Les Plaisirs de Champigny, Op. 18
J.-C. NaudotFlute trio
Teru teru bozu S. NakayamaFlute solo
Tha Mi Sgith Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Thaxted G. HolstFlute & Piano
The 14th of October Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Academy Jig Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Admiral TraditionalFlute solo
The Angry Video Game Nerd K. JustinFlute & Chords
The Answer I Got Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Antrim Lasses Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Arkansas Traveler S. FaulknerFlute solo
The Army Goes Rolling Along E.L. GruberFlute solo
The Ash Grove Trad. WelshFlute solo
The Atholl Highlanders Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Balmoral Highlanders A. MacKayFlute solo
The Basket of Oysters Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Battle Cry of Freedom G.F. RootFlute & Piano
The Battle Hymn of the Republic W. SteffeFlute & Piano
The Bee's Wing TraditionalFlute solo
The Belfast Hornpipe Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Belles of Liscarroll Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Bill of Rights Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Bird Catcher's Aria
from The Magic Flute, K. 620
W.A. MozartFlute solo
The Black Bear Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Blue Danube Op. 314J. Strauss IIFlute & Piano
The Bo'sun Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Boar's Head Carol Trad. EnglishFlute quartet
The Bold Dragoon Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Bonnie Blue Flag Trad. IrishFlute & Piano
The Bonnie Lass O’ Bon Accord J.S. SkinnerFlute solo
The Boy's Lament for His Dragon Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Boys of Malin Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Braes o' Killiecrankie Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Bragging Man Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Bridal Jig Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Brighton Puzzle Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The British Grenadiers Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Bungalow Jig Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Butterfly Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Canteen Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Cardinal Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Cat in the Fiddle Case G.M. PietrasantaFlute solo
The Celebrated Chop Waltz E. AllenFlute duet
The Charleston Waltz Trad. AmericanFlute duet
The Circassian Circle TraditionalFlute solo
The Cliffs of Doneen Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Coburg Waltz TraditionalFlute duet
The Colosseum Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Contradiction Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Coventry Carol Trad. EnglishFlute quartet
The Craw Killed the Pussy, O Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Cruel War TraditionalFlute & Chords
The Cuckoo and the Nightingale
from 25 Romantic Studies, Op. 66, No. 22
E. KöhlerFlute solo
The Dark Slender Boy Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Dashing White Sergeant H. BishopFlute solo
The Dawning of the Day T. ConnellanFlute solo
The Deceitful Stranger Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Devil in the Kitchen W. RossFlute solo
The Devonshire Hornpipe Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Doll Song
from The Tales of Hoffmann
J. OffenbachFlute & Piano
The Donegal Reel Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Dove
from 25 Romantic Studies, Op. 66, No. 20
E. KöhlerFlute solo
The Drunken Piper Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Dublin Porter Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Dunmore Lasses Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Earl of Mansfield Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Easy Winners S. JoplinFlute solo
The Eavesdropper Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Emperor Nicholas' Waltz C. MeinekeFlute duet
The Empty Purse Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Entertainer S. JoplinFlute solo
The Ephemeral Emperor Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Fair Branch Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Fairest of the Fair J.P. SousaFlute solo
The Fairhaired Boy Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Fairy Queen T. CarolanFlute solo
The Far Away Wedding Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Female Hero Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Field of Oats Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Fifer's TraditionalFlute solo
The Fig Leaf Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Firefly Hornpipe Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The First Noel Trad. EnglishFlute duet
The Fisherman's Frolic Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Flower Duet
from Lakmé
L. DelibesFlute duet
The Flowers of Edinburgh Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring
from The Mikado
A. SullivanFlute & Piano
The Foggy Dew Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Forth Brig J.S. SkinnerFlute solo
The Fountain in the Park R. KeiserFlute & Piano
The Four Poster Bed Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Fox Hunt Trad. AmericanFlute solo
The Foxhunter's Reel Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Frog in the Well Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Frost is All Over Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Gaelic Club Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Galway Hornpipe Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Garb of Old Gaul J. ReidFlute solo
The Gem That Decks Her Queenly Brow G.A. HodsonFlute duet
The Gentle Maiden Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Ghost of John Trad. AmericanFlute solo
The Girl I Left Behind Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Girl That Wears Green Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Goat's Song Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Gobby O and Variations Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Gold-Haired Maid Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Good Fellow Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Gravel Walk Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Green Fields of America Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Green Glens of Antrim K. NorthFlute solo
The Grey Beard Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Groves Hornpipe Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Guard House Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Happy Farmer
from Album for the Young, Op. 68, Op. 68, No. 10
R. SchumannFlute & Piano
The Harp That Once Thro' Tara's Halls Trad. IrishFlute duet
The Harper's Song TraditionalFlute duet
The Hawk That Swoops On High J. MacKayFlute solo
The Heights of Dargai Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Hen and Chickens Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Hen's March to the Midden Trad. IrishFlute solo
The High Road to Gairloch Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The High Road to Linton Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Highlanders in Paris Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Hills of Alva T. MuirheadFlute solo
The Hills of Glenorchy Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Hills of Tara Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Holly and the Ivy Trad. FrenchFlute & Piano
The Holy City M. MaybrickFlute & Piano
The Honey Pot Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The House of Cluny W. MarshallFlute solo
The House of the Rising Sun Trad. AmericanFlute solo
The Hungarian March Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Hunters' Chorus
from Der Freischütz, Op. 77
C.M. von WeberFlute trio
The Huron Carol J. de BrébeufFlute solo
The Imperial Quick Step Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Inverness Gathering Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Irish Hop Pickers Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Irish Washerwoman Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Jig of Slurs G.S. McLennanFlute solo
The Jolly Weaver Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Jovial Dancers Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Kesh Jig Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Keys of Canterbury Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Kildare Club Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Kitten Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Laird o’ Drumblair J.S. SkinnerFlute solo
The Lark in the Clear Air Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Lass O' Corrie Mill Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Lass of Richmond Hill J. HookFlute solo
The Lasses of Limerick Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Lasses of Sligo Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Lassie's Fancy Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Last of the Lot Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Last Rose of Summer J. StevensonFlute & Piano
The Leaving of Liverpool Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Legend of Zelda Theme K. KondōFlute & Piano
The Liberty Bell J.P. SousaFlute solo
The Lily of the Valley W.S. HaysFlute solo
The Little Drummer Boy Trad. CzechFlute solo
The Little Negro L. 114C. DebussyFlute solo
The Little Shepherd
from Children's Corner, L. 113
C. DebussyFlute & Piano
The Lonesome Boatman F. FureyFlute solo
The Longford Collector Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Lord's My Shepherd J.S, IrvineFlute solo
The Lovat Scouts J.S. SkinnerFlute solo
The Love of God F.M. LehmanFlute solo
The Lowdon Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Lucky Number Trad. IrishFlute solo
The MacMurrough Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The MacNeils of Ugadale J.M. MacKenzieFlute solo
The Maid Behind the Bar Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Maid of Llangollen J.C. ClarkeFlute duet
The Margate Rout Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Marines' Hymn TraditionalFlute & Piano
The Mary and Dorothy Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Mayor of Garratt Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Mellow Horn Trad. AmericanFlute duet
The Memphis Blues W.C. HandyFlute solo
The Midlothian Pipe Band F. BeatonFlute solo
The Milkmaid Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Mill Oh Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Minstrel Boy Trad. IrishFlute & Piano
The Mischievous Bee M. KellyFlute solo
The Moon Beams Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Morning Dew Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Mullingar Races Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Munster Rake Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Natal Day Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The New Rigged Ship Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The New York Volunteer G.A. HodsonFlute solo
The Night Paddy Murphy Died J. BurkeFlute solo
The Noon Lassies Trad. IrishFlute solo
The O'Loughlin Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Old Rugged Cross G. BennardFlute solo
The Paddock Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Parting Glass Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Parting Kiss Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Patriot TraditionalFlute solo
The Patriot Game TraditionalFlute solo
The Penniless Traveller Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Piper's Bonnet Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Piper's Whim Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Pleasures of Home Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Plough Boy Trad. EnglishFlute duet
The Queen's Funeral March
from Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary, Z. 860
H. PurcellFlute quartet
The Rakes of Kildare Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Rambler from Ross Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Red-Haired Girl of Tulloch Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Rights of Man Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Rio Grande TraditionalFlute solo
The Rising Step Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Rival Hornpipe Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Roads of Kildare Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Rose of Allendale Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Rose of Allendale Trad. EnglishFlute trio
The Rose Tree Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Sailor's Bonnet Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Sailor's Hornpipe TraditionalFlute solo
The Sailor's Tear S. WallerFlute duet
The Sash My Father Wore TraditionalFlute solo
The Sea S. von NeukommFlute duet
The Shady Greenwood Tree
from Maid of Judah
G. RossiniFlute trio
The Shaugraun Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Showman's Jig Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Siege of Limerick Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Siege of Troy Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Skye Boat Song Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Skylark Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Sleigh Ride
from Three German Dances, K. 605, No.3
W.A. MozartFlute trio
The Slumbering Minstrel J.S. SkinnerFlute solo
The Smith's a Gallant Fireman Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Soldier's Cloak Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Sorcerer's Apprentice P. DukasFlute solo
The Sound of Sleat Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Soup of Good Drink Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Spey in Spate J.S. SkinnerFlute solo
The Spinning Wheel
from 25 Romantic Studies, Op. 66, No. 15
E. KöhlerFlute solo
The Splashing of the Churn Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Sporting Irishman Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Sportsman's Hornpipe Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Star of Munster Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Star-Spangled Banner J.S. SmithFlute & Piano
The Steel Hoop Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Steeplechase Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Stolen Purse Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Stool of Repentance Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Streams Of Kilnaspig Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Streets of Cairo TraditionalFlute solo
The Sun Beams Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Sussex Carol Trad. EnglishFlute quartet
The Swallow's Tail Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Swallows
from 25 Romantic Studies, Op. 66, No. 10
E. KöhlerFlute solo
The Swallowtail Jig Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Swan
from The Carnival of the Animals
C. Saint-SaënsFlute & Piano
The Sweet Barrow Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Sweet Maid of Glendaurel Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Swing
from 25 Romantic Studies, Op. 66, No. 1
E. KöhlerFlute solo
The Tarbolton Reel Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Teddy Bears' Picnic J.W. BrattonFlute duet
The Thistle Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Thunderer J.P. SousaFlute solo
The Tioga Waltz S. FosterFlute solo
The Torture of Tantalus
from 25 Romantic Studies, Op. 66, No. 11
E. KöhlerFlute solo
The Trip To Cullenstown Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Twelve Days of Christmas TraditionalFlute solo
The Washington Post J.P. SousaFlute solo
The Water Is Wide Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Wexford Carol Trad. IrishFlute quartet
The White Cockade Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Wild Horseman
from Album for the Young, Op. 68, Op. 68, No. 8
R. SchumannFlute solo
The Wild Rover TraditionalFlute solo
The Wind
from 25 Romantic Studies, Op. 66, No. 18
E. KöhlerFlute solo
The Wind that Shakes the Barley Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Wind that Shakes the Barley Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Woods of Old Limerick Trad. IrishFlute solo
The World Turned Upside Down Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Wren Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Yankee Doodle Boy G.M. CohanFlute solo
The Yellow Rose of Texas Trad. AmericanFlute solo
The Young Prince and The Young Princess
from Scheherazade, Op. 35
N. Rimsky-KorsakovFlute solo
The Zeak Waltz Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Theme A
from Tetris
Trad. RussianFlute solo
Theme from Piano Concerto No. 1 Op. 23P.I. TchaikovskyFlute solo
Theme from Symphony No. 1 Op. 68J. BrahmsFlute solo
There's a Hole in My Bucket TraditionalFlute solo
There's Nae Luck Trad. ScottishFlute solo
There's Whiskey in the Jar Trad. IrishFlute solo
Third Mode Melody
from Nine Psalm Tunes for Archbishop Parker's Psalter
T. TallisFlute trio
This is the Best Burrito I've Ever Eaten P. GrippFlute solo
This Is the Christ M.F. MoodyFlute duet
This Land is Your Land W. GuthrieFlute solo
This Old Man Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Three Blind Mice Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Three Fishers J.P. HullahFlute & Piano
Three Handed Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Tico-Tico no Fubá Z. de AbreuFlute solo
To a Wild Rose
from 10 Woodland Sketches, Op. 51, No. 1
E. MacDowellFlute & Piano
from Sonata No. 6 in A major
P.D. ParadisiFlute solo
Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 565J.S. BachFlute duet
Tom Dooley Trad. AmericanFlute solo
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day Trad. EnglishFlute quartet
Tonkaya ryabina Trad. RussianFlute solo
Toreador Song
from Carmen
G. BizetFlute solo
Toutouic Trad. BretonFlute solo
from Kinderszenen, Op. 15, No. 7
R. SchumannFlute & Piano
Tre giorni son che Nina G.B. PergolesiFlute & Piano
Très lentement
from Babiole No. 1, Op. 10, No. 1
J.-C. NaudotFlute duet
Très lentement
from Babiole No. 2, Op. 10, No. 2
J.-C. NaudotFlute duet
Très lentement
from Babiole No. 3, Op. 10, No. 3
J.-C. NaudotFlute duet
Tri martolod Trad. BretonFlute solo
Trills and Appoggiaturas
from 25 Romantic Studies, Op. 66, No. 17
E. KöhlerFlute solo
Trip to the Cottage Trad. IrishFlute solo
from Sonata in F minor, TWV 41:f1, Mvmt. 1
G.P. TelemannFlute & Piano
Tristesse Op. 10, No. 3F. ChopinFlute solo
Tritsch-Tratsch Polka Op. 214J. Strauss IIFlute solo
True Blue Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Trumpet Tune in D
from The Island Princess
J. ClarkeFlute & bass
Trumpet Voluntary in D major
from Ten Voluntaries for Organ, Op. 6, Op. 6, No. 5
J. StanleyFlute duet
Tu scendi dalle stelle A.M. de' LiguoriFlute solo
Tumble the Tinker Trad. IrishFlute solo
Turkey in the Straw Trad. AmericanFlute solo
Turkish March
from The Ruins of Athens, Op. 113
L. van BeethovenFlute solo
Turkish Rondo
from Piano Sonata No. 11, K. 331, Mvmt. 3
W.A. MozartFlute solo
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star TraditionalFlute & Piano
Two Mile Bridge Trad. IrishFlute solo
Tyrolese Duett TraditionalFlute duet