Flute Articles

We are planning to write articles on many interesting flute-related topics. If you have a tough question that you'd like our team to answer, please go on and leave us a request. We'll be glad to help you clarify any musical issue you might have.

How to Practice

  • How to Practice Sight-reading — Practical tips to improve your sight-reading skills. How to prepare for a sight-reading audition, and what to look for when you sight-read.

Flute Techniques

  • Flute Harmonics — An introduction to natural harmonics for flutists. A complete explanation of what harmonics are and how they can help you to develop a better embouchure. Also features a collection of bugle calls.
  • Flute Vibrato — What vibrato is, where it comes from and how it should be used. Tips and exercises to develop vibrato on the flute.

Instruments of the Flute Family

Music Theory

Your Stories

  • Fan Mail — A collection of some of the most interesting and inspiring messages we have received from our followers over the first 10 years of flutetunes.com.