Flute Articles

We are planning to write articles on many interesting flute-related topics. If you have a tough question that you'd like to be answered by our team, please go on and leave us a request. We'll be glad to help you clarify any musical issue you might have.

How to Practice

  • How to Practice Sight-reading — Practical tips to improve your sight-reading skills. How to prepare for a sight-reading audition, and what to look for when you sight-read.

Flute Techniques

  • Flute Harmonics — An introduction to natural harmonics for flutists. A complete explanation of what harmonics are and how they can help you to develop a better embouchure. Also features a collection of bugle calls.
  • Flute Vibrato — What vibrato is, where it comes from and how it should be used. Tips and exercises to develop vibrato on the flute.

Instruments of the Flute Family

Music Theory