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General Flute Sites

Other Types of Flute

Flute Sheet Music

Contemporary Composers for the Flute

  • Chris Morton — A selection of flute and choral music.
  • Joachim Johow — Free compositions for flute, with printable PDF sheet music. (Germany)
  • Herbert Lindholm — Aims to create music which is idiomatic for the instrument, and which is comfortably playable for the musician. (Finland)
  • Nelly Li Puma — Composer, conductor, pianist. (Austria)

Online Flute Music

Flutists on the Web

Flute Orchestras

Flute Competitions

Flute Makers

Flute Miscellany

Music Schools

Music in General

Other Instruments

Arrangers and transcribers

  • Richard Harris — Arrangement, composition and transcription services. (United Kingdom)