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Sunday 19 November 2017

Tune of the Day: Allegro ma non Presto by Chédeville

 from “Il pastor fido” Sonata No. 6

This is the closing movement of the sixth of the Il pastor fido sonatas, first published in 1737 and traditionally attributed to Antonio Vivaldi. The actual composer, Nicolas Chédeville, made a secret agreement with Jean-Noël Marchand to publish a collection of his own compositions as Vivaldi's Op. 13. Chédeville supplied the money and received the profits, all of which was recorded in a notarial act. This may have been an attempt to give his instrument, the musette, the endorsement of a great composer which it lacked.

Categories: Baroque SonatasDifficulty: intermediate
Saturday 18 November 2017

Tune of the Day: Ai vist lo lop

 Traditional French folk song

“Ai vist lo lop” (“I saw the wolf”) is an old traditional Occitan folk song believed to date back to the 13th century. Occitan was historically the main language spoken in southern France, and it is sometimes still used, for the most part as a second language. Two versions of this song exist, one in the form of a 3/8-time bourrée and one in duple or quadruple meter. Both are still sung today, but the latter is more prevalent, and is also used as a nursery rhyme.

Categories: Nursery rhymes Traditional/FolkDifficulty: easy
Friday 17 November 2017

Tune of the Day: Study in F major by Köhler

 from “22 Studies in Expression and Facility”

This is the fifth piece from 22 Studies in Expression and Facility, Op. 89 by Italian flutist and composer Ernesto Köhler. This collection was originally published in 1904 with the German title 22 Vortrags- und Geläufigkeits Etuden für Flöte.

Categories: Etudes Romantic Written for FluteDifficulty: intermediate
Thursday 16 November 2017

Tune of the Day: The Flower Duet

 arranged for three flutes

This arrangement for three flutes of the famous Flower Duet by Delibes was kindly contributed to our collection by Deborah Twiddy.

The duet originally takes place in Act I of Léo Delibes's opera Lakmé, first performed in Paris in 1883. It is sung by Lakmé (soprano), the daughter of a Brahmin priest, and her servant Mallika (mezzo-soprano), as they go to gather flowers by a river.

Categories: Opera excerpts RomanticDifficulty: intermediate
Wednesday 15 November 2017

Tune of the Day: Tempo di Ciaconna by Telemann

 from Partita No. 6, arranged for flute and keyboard

This chaconne is the fourth movement of Georg Philipp Telemann's Partita No. 6 in E-flat major, TWV 41:Es1, originally published in 1716 as part of the Kleine Kammermusik (“little chamber music”) collection. The original edition indicates that the melody is intended to be played by an oboe, a violin, or a flute.

Categories: Baroque ChaconnesDifficulty: intermediate
Tuesday 14 November 2017

Tune of the Day: Aisling Gheal

 Traditional Irish air

According to Tomás Ó Canainn's autobiography A Lifetime of Notes (1996), this slow air was originally collected in the west Cork Gaeltacht (a primarily Irish-speaking region) from the singing of a woman in the late 19th century. Among the most notable recordings are those by singer Iarla Ó Lionáird and by tin whistle master Mary Bergin.

Thanks to Phil for suggesting this tune!

Categories: Celtic Music Slow airs Traditional/FolkDifficulty: intermediate
Monday 13 November 2017

Tune of the Day: Study in E minor by Dôthel

 from “Studi per il flauto”

This study in E minor is the tenth piece from Studi per il flauto in tutti j tuoni e modi (“Flute studies in all keys and modes”) by French-Italian flutist and composer Niccolò Dôthel (a.k.a. Nicolas D'Hotel).

Categories: Classical Etudes Written for FluteDifficulty: intermediate