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Thursday 27 October 2016

Tune of the Day: Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet

 by Tchaikovsky, arranged for flute and piano

Tchaikovsky started composing his Romeo and Juliet in 1869. This orchestral work is styled an Overture-Fantasy (even though the overall design is a symphonic poem in sonata form), and is based on Shakespeare's play of the same name.

The Overture's yearning love theme signifies the couple's first meeting and the scene at Juliet's balcony, and is universally acknowledged as one of the greatest melodies ever written. When Tchaikovsky showed it to pianist and conductor Mily Balakirev, Balakirev wrote Tchaikovsky: “I very much want to hug you for it”. Over the last century, it has been used as the quintessential “love at first sight” music in numerous movies, TV series, and even video games (most notably, the kissing music in The Sims).

Thanks to Philip for suggesting this tune!

Categories: Love songs RomanticDifficulty: intermediate
Wednesday 26 October 2016

Tune of the Day: Wagramer-Grenadiermarsch

 Austrian military march

From 1854 to 1896, the Czech Josef Wiedemann served as military bandmaster in the 42nd Infantry Regiment of the Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Army. It was for this regiment that he wrote his best known work, the Wagramer-Grenadiermarsch, also known as the 42er-Regimentsmarsch.

Thanks to Freddie for suggesting this tune!

Categories: Marches Military musicDifficulty: easy
Tuesday 25 October 2016

Tune of the Day: Study in G minor by Drouet

 from “Méthode pour la flûte”

Today's study is taken from the fourth part of the Méthode pour la flûte by French Romantic flutist and composer Louis Drouet, published in Paris in 1828.

Categories: Etudes Romantic Written for FluteDifficulty: easy
Monday 24 October 2016

Tune of the Day: Gigues by Naudot

 from Babiole No. 3 for two flutes

These two jigs constitute the fourth movement of the third of Jacques-Christophe Naudot's 6 Babioles pour 2 Vieles, Musettes, Flutes-a-bec, Flutes traversieres, Haubois, ou Violons, sans Basse. The French term babiole humbly indicates something of little value or importance, a trifle.

Categories: Baroque JigsDifficulty: intermediate
Sunday 23 October 2016

Tune of the Day: Pastorella by Vinci

 from Flute Sonata in D major

Totally unrelated to the more famous 15th-century polymath Leonardo da Vinci, Leonardo Vinci was an early 18th-century Italian composer, best known for his operas. His sonata in D major for flute, of which we present today the idyllic fourth movement, is one of the few of his instrumental works to be still played today.

Categories: Baroque Sonatas Written for FluteDifficulty: intermediate
Saturday 22 October 2016

Tune of the Day: Nelson's Hornpipe

 Traditional English tune

This hornpipe tune of English provenance is known by numerous titles, including “The Hunter's Hornpipe”, “The Bridge of Lodi”, and “Murray's Hornpipe”. One of its earliest appearances is in Yorkshire musician William Calvert's 1812 manuscript, as “Admiral Lord Nelson's Hornpipe”.

Categories: Hornpipes Traditional/FolkDifficulty: easy
Friday 21 October 2016

Tune of the Day: Study in A major by Andersen

 from “24 Etudes for Flute”

The Andantino in A major we present today is the seventh piece from Danish flutist and composer Joachim Andersen's Twenty-Four Etudes for Flute, Op. 30.

Categories: Etudes Romantic Written for FluteDifficulty: intermediate