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Some random terms

  • one hundred and twenty-eighth note A note having the time duration of one hundred twenty-eighth of the time duration of a whole note.
  • sideman A slang term for a musician in an ensemble who is not the leader of the ensemble.
  • simple meter A meter in which the main beats are subdivided into twos, such as 2/4 or 3/4.
  • mixolydian The Gregorian mode based upon the fifth tone of the scale. This mode, based on G, includes all the tones of the C major scale.
  • serein [French] Serene, calm.
  • spiritual A style of music invented by Afro-American slaves. Spirituals are generally religious songs with elements of African rhythms, Biblical texts, and American accents. Usually the text is concerned with earthly tribulations and heavenly justice and reward.
  • cabaletta [Italian] A form of aria within 19th century Italian opera. It is usually found as the last part of a double aria, with the scena, cantabile and the tempo di mezzo preceeding it. It is often in a fast tempo.
  • Kammer [German] Chamber, room.
  • samba [Portuguese] Afro-Brazilian dance, characterized by duple meter, responsorial singing and polyrhythmic accompaniments.
  • hairpin The symbol, made up of two joined lines, used to indicate a crescendo or a decrescendo.
  • sostenuto [Italian] Sustained.
  • figure A short musical phrase.
  • glee club Originally, a club designed for the singing of glees, originating in 1787 and dissolved in 1857. In modern usage, a glee club is a club usually, but not necessarily, exclusive to males, organized for the singing of vocal compositions.
  • ricapitolazione [Italian] Recapitulation.
  • concertino [Italian] The small group of solo instruments used in a concerto grosso in contrast to the whole body of the orchestra.