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Some random terms

  • einschlafen [German] Literally, “falling asleep”. A directive to slacken the time and diminish the tempo and the tone.
  • recitativo accompagnato [Italian] Recitative accompanied by the entire orchestra.
  • accablement [French] Despondency, oppression.
  • simple meter A meter in which the main beats are subdivided into twos, such as 2/4 or 3/4.
  • countertenor A male voice of unusually high range, generally achieved through falsetto. The countertenor has the range of either the female alto or soprano.
  • amabile [Italian] Lovable, charming, amiable.
  • improvisation Creation of a musical composition while it is being performed.
  • acoustical instrument Any musical instrument not relying on external power for operation.
  • thirty-second note A note having the time duration of one thirty-second of a whole note.
  • über [German] “Above”, “over”.
  • brio [Italian] Vivacity, spirit, liveliness.
  • Leben [German] Life, vivacity.
  • lyrics The words of a song.
  • interpretation The manner in which a performer carries out a composer's performance directions.
  • répertoire [French] A list of compositions that an individual or ensemble is prepared to perform or that are available for performance.