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Some random terms

  • frottola [Italian] A secular song that was popular in Italy in the late 15th and early 16th centuries, direct predecessor of the madrigal.
  • inquieto [Italian] Restless, uneasy, agitated.
  • whole tone An interval of two semitones, a major second.
  • natural A symbol placed by a note signifying that the note should be played unaltered, as opposed to the sharp or flat of the note.
  • fanfare A short, lively, loud, militaristic composition, usually composed for brass instruments and percussions.
  • transcription Either notating an unnotated piece, or rewriting a piece, either simply recopying, as for clarity, or as an arrangement for another instrument.
  • appassionato [Italian] Passionate, with intense emotion or feeling.
  • leggiero [Italian] Light, delicate.
  • arrangement A rewriting of a piece of existing music with additional new material, or a fleshing-out of a compositional sketch. If a musical adaptation does not include new material, it is more accurately termed a transcription or orchestration.
  • libretto [Italian] A “little book” that contains the complete text of an opera, oratorio, and so forth.
  • alla breve [Italian] A time marking indicating a quick duple meter, with the half note rather than the quarter note getting the beat (2/2 rather than 4/4).
  • risoluto [Italian] Bold, resolute.
  • Klavier [German] A keyboard instrument; usually, a piano.
  • moresca [Italian] An exotic Renaissance dance simulating a battle between the Moors and the Christians.
  • rasch [German] Rapid, swift.