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Some random terms

  • scena [Italian] A term used to describe the stage, scene or act of an opera. Also, a term for a set of vocal movements in a theatrical production, usually including a recitative, arioso, and aria.
  • con slancio [Italian] With energy.
  • baton The stick used by the conductor to define the beat of the music. Also, a light metal rod used for keeping time, twirling and juggling in marching band performances.
  • con calore [Italian] With warmth.
  • pensoso [Italian] Thoughtful, pensive.
  • mazurka A lively Polish dance in 3/4 or 3/8 time with the accent usually on the second or third beat of the measure.
  • buffo [Italian] Comic, humorous.
  • geschwind [German] Swift, swiftly.
  • mestizia [Italian] Sadness.
  • eilig [German] Hurried, hasty, speedy.
  • rabbia [Italian] Rage, fury, anger.
  • moto perpetuo [Italian] Literally, “perpetual motion”. A term used to describe rapidly executed and persistently maintained figuration.
  • pas [French] “Not”.
  • quarter tone Half a semitone.
  • theme and variations A style of composition that first presents a basic theme and then develops and alters that theme in successive statements.