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Some random terms

  • sehr [German] “Very”, “much”.
  • passepied [French] A baroque dance in triple meter.
  • sonata-rondò [Italian] A form of a composition that displays characteristics of both the rondò and the sonata forms.
  • sordamente [Italian] Softly, gently, or in a muffled or damped style.
  • head joint The top section of a flute, with the tone hole where the player initiates the sound by blowing air across the opening.
  • sospirando [Italian] Sighing.
  • inflection Small alteration of the pitch by a microtonal interval.
  • accompaniment Additional but subordinate music used to support a melodic line. Also, the art of playing along with a soloist or ensemble in a supporting manner.
  • leggiero [Italian] Light, delicate.
  • cut off An arm and hand motion by a conductor that indicates to an ensemble that they stop performing. This is normally done at the end of a composition, at the end of a movement or section, or on a fermata.
  • phrase A natural division of the melodic line, comparable to a sentence of speech.
  • march A military piece characterized by strongly accented duple meter and clear sectional structures.
  • flessibile [Italian] Flexible.
  • new age Style of popular music of the 1980s and 1990s, characterized by soothing timbres and repetitive forms that are subjected to shifting variation techniques.
  • comodetto [Italian] Diminutive form of comodo.