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Some random terms

  • aubade [French] A song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking daybreak.
  • natural minor scale A scale similar to the major scale, but with the third, sixth and seventh degrees lowered by a semitone.
  • molto [Italian] “Very“, “much”.
  • non-harmonic note In part writing, a note that is dissonant with other notes in the same chord.
  • über [German] “Above”, “over”.
  • tristezza [Italian] Sadness.
  • réjouissance [French] A jubilant composition used to conclude some Baroque orchestral suites.
  • Minnesang [German] A tradition of Medieval courtly and secular music in Germany, cultivated by the nobility. The main focus of the music of this tradition was the idea of Minnedienst, servitude to love, often illustrated as the devoted knight entirely loyal to an unattainable lady with no hope of her love in return.
  • just intonation Tuning system in which the notes are obtained by adding and subtracting natural fifths and thirds.
  • waltz Ballroom dance type in triple meter; in the Romantic era, a short, stylized piano piece.
  • libretto [Italian] A “little book” that contains the complete text of an opera, oratorio, and so forth.
  • madrigal choir Small vocal ensemble that specializes in a cappella secular works.
  • rant A country dance of Scotland and Northern England in duple meter and binary form.
  • sospirando [Italian] Sighing.
  • resonator Term referring to those parts of instruments which resonate or vibrate, thus enhancing the sound of the instrument.