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Some random terms

  • double flat An accidental sign consisting of two flat symbols, that lowers a note by two semitones.
  • à la [French] In the manner of.
  • gypsy scale A scale resembling the harmonic minor scale, but with an augmented fourth. It is called the Gypsy scale because of its exotic sound and its use in Hungarian music.
  • technique The mechanical aspect of performing a composition.
  • nonet A composition for nine instruments.
  • etwas [German] “Somewhat”.
  • dramma giocoso [Italian] A kind of comic opera originating around 1750, with sentimental or pathetic plots bordering on tragedy rather than the traditional lighthearted comic plots.
  • diatonic scale A seven note musical scale, consisting of five whole steps and two half steps.
  • articulation The manner in which adjacent notes of a melody are connected or separated. Woodwind and brass instruments generally articulate by tonguing, the use of the tongue to break the airflow into the instrument.
  • zart [German] Tender, delicate.
  • licenza [Italian] A directive to perform a certain passage with some freedom of manner.
  • staff Series of five horizontal lines upon and between which the musical notes are written, thus indicating, in connection with a clef, their pitch.
  • sereno [Italian] Serene, calm.
  • dump A slow, melancholic old English dance, usually in 4/4 time.
  • cadence A sequence of chords that terminates a musical phrase or section.