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Some random terms

  • raddolcendo [Italian] Growing sweeter and calmer.
  • syllabic The style of chant which sets one note to each syllable of text.
  • lento [Italian] Slow.
  • interval Difference in pitch between two notes.
  • word painting Musical depiction of words in text. Using the device of word painting, the music tries to imitate the emotion, action, or natural sounds as described in the text.
  • ambitus [Latin] A range of pitches for a given voice in a part of music. It may also denote the pitch range that a musical instrument is capable of playing.
  • motive The briefest intelligible and self-contained fragment of a musical theme or subject.
  • strain A division of a composition between two double bars. It can also be referred to as a section. A strain will typically contain a primary or secondary melody of the larger composition that is often repeated.
  • terraced dynamics Expressive style typical of some early music in which volume levels shift abruptly from soft to loud and back without gradual crescendos and decrescendos.
  • divertissment [French] A light, entertaining dance and music combination related to the divertimento.
  • suite [French] A work made up of a series of contrasting dance movements, generally all in the same key.
  • musique concrète [French] Music made up of natural sounds and sound effects that are recorded and then manipulated electronically.
  • con semplicità [Italian] “With simplicity”.
  • shanty A song sung by sailors while working on a ship. A shanty has a chorus, which is sung by all, and verses that are usually sung by one voice.
  • flebile [Italian] “Plaintive”.