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Some random terms

  • quarter note A note having the time duration of one fourth of a whole note.
  • pavane [French] Stately Renaissance court dance in duple meter.
  • fipple The block, typically of wood, that forms the floor of the windway of an edge-blown aerophone.
  • passepied [French] A baroque dance in triple meter.
  • operetta [Italian] A less serious form of opera made up of spoken dialog, songs and dances.
  • hopak A folk Ukrainian dance, introduced to the orchestra by such composers as Mussorgsky and Tchaikovsky.
  • estinto [Italian] Literally, “extinguished”. A directive to perform as soft as possible.
  • teneramente [Italian] Tenderly.
  • donna [Italian] Literally, “woman”, or “lady”. In opera, each of the principal female singers.
  • heftig [German] Vehement, boisterous.
  • minstrel A court musician or entertainer of the 12th through 17th centuries who performed professionally.
  • M.M. Marking typically found at the beginning of a composition, identifying the tempo of the composition in terms of beats per minute. This marking originally stood for “Mälzel Metronome”, but has since come to designate “Metronome Marking”.
  • slur A curved line drawn over or under a series of notes, indicating that those notes should be played legato.
  • raddolcendo [Italian] Growing sweeter and calmer.
  • pas de deux [French] An established item in ballet consisting of a dance performed by two dancers.