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Some random terms

  • zart [German] Tender, delicate.
  • common time 4/4 time.
  • Noël [French] Christmas.
  • trio sonata [Italian] A baroque sonata for two treble instruments and continuo, generally requiring four performers.
  • gospel music Twentieth century sacred music style associated with Protestant African-Americans.
  • cadence A sequence of chords that terminates a musical phrase or section.
  • inquieto [Italian] Restless, uneasy, agitated.
  • string quartet An ensemble consisting of two violins, viola, and cello, or a work composed for such an ensemble.
  • pas [French] “Not”.
  • dynamics The softness or loudness of a sound or note.
  • scale A series of notes in ascending or descending order that presents the pitches of a key or mode, beginning and ending on the tonic of that key or mode.
  • roulade [French] A highly ornamented vocal composition, usually for one voice and accompaniment.
  • doppel [German] “Double”.
  • chromaticism Use of tones extraneous to a diatonic scale (major or minor).
  • Übung [German] Exercise.