Multilingual Music Glossary

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  • über [German] “Above”, “over”.
  • Übung [German] Exercise.
  • uguale [Italian] Equal, the same.
  • Umkehrung [German] See inversion.
  • un peu [French] A little.
  • un po' [Italian] See un poco.
  • un pochettino [Italian] A little bit.
  • un poco [Italian] A little.
  • unequal-voiced counterpoint See non-imitative counterpoint.
  • unison Interval between two notes of the same pitch; the simultaneous playing of the same note.
  • unisono [Italian] See unison.
  • unisson [French] See unisono.
  • unter [German] “Below”, “under”.
  • upbeat The last beat of any measure, usually a weak beat.
  • upper partial See overtone.
  • ut [Latin] The syllable first associated with the tonic of the key, now replaced by the syllable "Do" but still used in France. In the fixed Do system, this is always C.