Multilingual Music Glossary

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  • Z See Zimmerman numbers.
  • zart [German] Tender, delicate.
  • zarzuela [Spanish] A Spanish lyric-dramatic genre that alternates between spoken and sung scenes, the latter incorporating operatic and popular song, as well as dance.
  • Zäsur [German] See caesura.
  • zeloso [Italian] Zealous, keen, earnest.
  • zestiende noot [Dutch] See sixteenth note.
  • Zimmerman numbers The numbering system identifying compositions by Henry Purcell.
  • zin [Dutch] See phrase.
  • Zirkularatmung [German] See circular breathing.
  • zu [German] “Too” (excessively).
  • zu [German] Shown as zu2, zu3, etc., it is a directive to indicate the number of musicians to perform the indicated passage of music.
  • Zungenstoss [German] Tongue thrust.
  • zurückhaltung [German] See ritardando.
  • zusammen [German] Literally, “together”. A directive to perform a certain passage of music together with other musicians in the section. Typically found after a divisi.
  • Zusammenklang [German] See harmony.
  • Zusammenschlag [German] See acciaccatura.
  • Zweiunddreissigstel [German] See thirty-second note.
  • Zweiunddreissigstelnote [German] See thirty-second note.
  • Zwischenspiel [German] An interlude played between the verses of a hymn.