Sheet Music: The Sash My Father Wore

TitleThe Sash My Father Wore
Alternate titlesThe Scarf My Father Wore
The Hat My Father Wore
Poor Scouser Tommy
InstrumentationFlute solo
KeyG major
Time signature4/4
Tempo120 BPM
Performance time0:35
Difficulty leveleasy
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Date added2013-05-19
Last updated2013-05-19
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Ballads, Sports music, Traditional/Folk


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Sunday 19 May 2013

Tune of the Day: The Sash My Father Wore

Traditional folk tune

This ballad commemorates the victory of King William III in the Williamite war in Ireland in 1690–1691. It is popular amongst Ulster loyalists and many unionists in Northern Ireland, as well as in parts of Scotland, where it can often be heard sung at football games by supporters of Rangers F.C. and in England, albeit as a variant called “The Scarf”.

The lyrics are thought to be around 100 years old, and the melody has been traced back to the early 19th century. The earliest known printing of the tune is from 1876. It was well known around Europe, and before the lyrics were added, it was a love song that lamented division between people.

The tune is also used by Liverpool F.C. fans in their song “Poor Scouser Tommy”.

Thanks to Alfred for suggesting this tune!