Sheet Music: Tonkaya ryabina

TitleTonkaya ryabina
Alternate titlesТонкая рябина
Tonkaja rjabina
The Slender Rowan
ComposerTraditional Russian
InstrumentationFlute solo
KeyA minor
Time signature3/4
Tempo40 BPM
Performance time1:15
Difficulty leveleasy
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Date added2011-04-17
Last updated2011-04-17
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Sunday 17 April 2011

Tune of the Day: The Slender Rowan

Traditional Russian song

This Russian folk song tells the sad tale of two trees in love: a sturdy oak and a slender rowan (or mountain-ash), prevented from coming together by a river that divides them.

Why are you abowing, slender mountain rowan,
Bending your head down to the very ground?

And across the highway, over the wide river,
Standing just as lonely, a tall oak hope does give her.

How can I, a rowan, get to that great oak tree,
Than I would not have to bow and sway so lonely.

With my slender branches I would press him tightly.
And with our leaves twining, whisper daily, nightly.

But the little rowan cannot cross the river.
Seems its fate is settled: sway alone forever.

Thanks to Denis for contributing this tune!