Sheet Music: The Keys of Canterbury

TitleThe Keys of Canterbury
Alternate titlesThere Stands a Lady on the Mountain
ComposerTraditional English
InstrumentationFlute solo
KeyG major
Time signature6/8
Tempo100 BPM
Performance time0:20
Difficulty leveleasy
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Date added2009-07-05
Last updated2009-07-05
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Love songs, Traditional/Folk


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Sunday 5 July 2009

Tune of the Day: The Keys of Canterbury

Traditional English song

This tune was known in both England and Scotland. It is also known in the Appalachians. It was used in some areas as a two team singing game.

O Madam, I will give you
The keys of Canterbury,
And all the bells in London
Shall ring to make us merry.
If you will be my joy, my sweet and only dear,
And walk along with me, anywhere.

I shall not, Sir, accept of you
The keys of Canterbury,
Nor all the bells in London,
Shall ring to make us merry.
I will not be your joy, your sweet and only dear,
Nor walk along with you, anywhere.

Other variants and alternate titles include: “The Keys of Heaven”, “Madam I Present You with Six Rows of Pins”, “The Disdainful Lady”, “There Stands a Lady on the Mountain”, “There Stands a Lady in the Ocean”, “When I Was Young I Was Well Beloved”, “If You Will Walk With Me”, “Oh Madam I Will Give to Thee”, “Blue Muslin” and “The Little Row of Pins”.