Sheet Music: Marches

79th's Farewell to Gibraltar J. MacDonaldFlute solo
Across the Field W.A. Dougherty, JrFlute solo
All the Blue Bonnets Are Over the Border Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Allegro maestoso
from Centone di sonate No.1 in A minor, MS 112/1, Mvmt. 2
N. PaganiniFlute & Guitar
American Patrol Op. 92F.W. MeachamFlute duet
American Patrol Op. 92F.W. MeachamFlute solo
Anchors Aweigh C.A. ZimmermanFlute solo
And Yet It Moves R. CampbellFlute solo
Augen geradeaus Trad. GermanFlute solo
Auprès de ma blonde Trad. FrenchFlute solo
Avec la garde montante
from Carmen
G. BizetFlute solo
Balmoral Castle J.S. SkinnerFlute solo
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite K.L. KingFlute solo
Barra Fèis Tribute to Mìcheal, Caolas R. CampbellFlute solo
Barrathon Barndance R. CampbellFlute solo
Bedfordshire March Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Bellisle March Trad. EnglishFlute duet
Ben Heaval R. CampbellFlute solo
Blaydon Races Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Bold Captain Freney Trad. IrishFlute solo
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine Trad. IrishFlute duet
Bonaparte's Grand March TraditionalFlute solo
Bonnie Dundee Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Boyne Water Trad. IrishFlute solo
Brian Boru's March Trad. IrishFlute solo
Bridal Chorus
from Lohengrin
R. WagnerFlute solo
British Grenadier's March Trad. EnglishFlute trio
Cabar Feigh Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Campsite Tune C. CampbellFlute solo
Camuskellaig R. CampbellFlute solo
Chanson de l'oignon Trad. FrenchFlute solo
Children's March P. GraingerFlute solo
Colonel Bogey March F.J. RickettsFlute solo
Colonel Robertson Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Combination March S. JoplinFlute solo
Coronation March
from Le prophète
G. MeyerbeerFlute solo
Dancing in the Tunnel C. CampbellFlute solo
Dandy Pat Trad. IrishFlute solo
Der Coburger M. HaydnFlute solo
Dieu d'amour
from Les mariages samnites
A. GrétryFlute & Piano
Dieu d'amour
from Les mariages samnites
A. GrétryFlute duet
Dòmhnall Ryan and Jenna, Vatersay R. CampbellFlute solo
Dorstream March TraditionalFlute solo
Dovecote Park J. BraidwoodFlute solo
Dr. Morrison's Seven Thistles J.S. SkinnerFlute solo
Drive the Cows Home Trad. IrishFlute solo
Drunken Sailor Trad. IrishFlute solo
Duet No. 17 in A minor
from 36 Petits Duos Mélodiques Faciles et Chantants, Op. 72
B.T. BerbiguierFlute duet
Duet No. 25 in E major
from 36 Petits Duos Mélodiques Faciles et Chantants, Op. 72
B.T. BerbiguierFlute duet
Duet No. 8 in D major
from 24 Duets, Op. 3
L. GranomFlute duet
Duncan Gray Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Earl of Moira's Welcome to Scotland D. MacIntyreFlute solo
El Capitan J.P. SousaFlute solo
Entrance of the Gladiators Op. 68 J. FučíkFlute solo
Eternal Father, Strong to Save J.B. DykesFlute duet
Father John MacMillan of Barra N. MacDonaldFlute solo
Florentine March Op. 214J. FučíkFlute solo
Flower March
from Don Quixote
L. MinkusFlute solo
Gallant Troubadour TraditionalFlute duet
Garryowen Trad. IrishFlute solo
Gilleonan MacNeil, Ciosmul R. CampbellFlute solo
Gillian the Drover Trad. IrishFlute solo
Gladly Would I Go Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Grand March
from Aida
G. VerdiFlute solo
Handel's March
from Joshua, HWV 63/64
G.F. HandelFlute duet
Heart and Hand Trad. IrishFlute solo
Heart of Oak W. BoyceFlute solo
Hell on the Wabash Trad. AmericanFlute solo
High School Cadets J.P. SousaFlute solo
Himno Istmeño J.A. SantosFlute solo
Hohenfriedberger March Frederick the GreatFlute solo
Holden's March Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Homeward Bound Trad. IrishFlute solo
Hungarian March
from La damnation de Faust, Op. 24
H. BerliozFlute solo
I See Them On Their Winding Way B. HimeFlute duet
Isle of Beauty, Fare Thee Well T.H. BaylyFlute duet
İstiklâl Marşı Z. ÜngörFlute solo
It's a Long Way to Tipperary J. JudgeFlute & Piano
John of Paris Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye Trad. IrishFlute solo
Johnny's Trip to France Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Kempshott Hunt Trad. ScottishFlute solo
King Cotton J.P. SousaFlute solo
King George V's Army G.S. McLennanFlute solo
King William's March J. ClarkeFlute duet
Kinloch of Kinloch Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Kinlock of Kinlock Trad. ScottishFlute duet
Knight Errant H. de BeauharnaisFlute duet
La Bayamesa P. FigueredoFlute solo
La Borinqueña F. Astol ArtésFlute trio
La Concorde G. Aleka DamasFlute solo
La Strasbourgeoise Trad. FrenchFlute solo
La victoire est à nous A. GrétryFlute solo
Land of Hope and Glory
from Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Op. 39
E. ElgarFlute solo
Le Boudin WilhelmFlute solo
Leaving Port Askaig W. RossFlute solo
Les Vivandiers
from 55 Easy Pieces, Op. 22, No. 36
J.B. de BoismortierFlute duet
Lilliburlero Trad. IrishFlute solo
Lochiel's March Trad. ScottishFlute duet
Long John's Wedding Trad. IrishFlute solo
Lord Cornwallis' March Trad. EnglishFlute duet
Lord Lindsay's March Trad. ScottishFlute solo
MacDonald of the Isles March to Harlow Trad. ScottishFlute solo
MacPherson's Lantern R. CampbellFlute solo
Madison's March A. ReinagleFlute solo
Mads Doss Trad. DanishFlute solo
Major John Bruce's Quick Step Trad. ScottishFlute solo
from The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a
P.I. TchaikovskyFlute solo
from La dame blanche
F.-A. BoieldieuFlute duet
from Scipione, HWV 20
G.F. HandelFlute duet
from Riccardo Primo, re d'Inghilterra, HWV 23
G.F. HandelFlute quartet
from Rob Roy
J. DavyFlute duet
March in D major
from Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, BWV Anh. 122
C.P.E. BachFlute solo
March in Macbeth TraditionalFlute duet
March in the Cataract of the Ganges F. JohnsonFlute trio
March of the King of Laois Trad. IrishFlute solo
March of the Priests
from Alceste
C.W. GluckFlute & Piano
March of the Volunteers N. ErFlute solo
March on the Drina S. BiničkiFlute solo
Marcha Real TraditionalFlute solo
from Flute Sonata No. 5, Op. 1, No. 5
J. MatthesonFlute trio
Marche Funèbre d'une Marionette C. GounodFlute solo
Marche Militaire
from Three Marches militaires, D.733, Op. 51, No. 1
F. SchubertFlute & Piano
Marche miniature
from Orchestral Suite No. 1 in D minor, Op. 43, No. 1
P.I. TchaikovskyFlute solo
Marche Slave Op. 31P.I. TchaikovskyFlute solo
Marching Through Georgia H.C. WorkFlute solo
Marching to Pretoria TraditionalFlute solo
Martin Martin R. CampbellFlute solo
Men of Harlech Trad. WelshFlute solo
Mighty Oregon A. PerfectFlute solo
Miss Forbes' Return Trad. IrishFlute solo
Mo Ghile Mear Trad. IrishFlute solo
Mrs Helen L. MacDonald of Dunach W. LawrieFlute solo
Murach Albannach R. CampbellFlute solo
My Apologies R. CampbellFlute solo
Nannie Pheter R. CampbellFlute solo
National Anthem of Colombia O. SindiciFlute solo
National Emblem E.E. BagleyFlute solo
New York Quick March Trad. AmericanFlute duet
No Surrender Trad. IrishFlute solo
O'Brien's March Trad. IrishFlute solo
O'Donnell Abú Trad. IrishFlute solo
O'Sullivan's March Trad. IrishFlute solo
Oh They Marched Thro' The Town TraditionalFlute duet
On, Wisconsin! W.T. PurdyFlute solo
Our Boat “Iorram” R. CampbellFlute solo
Paddy's Resource Trad. IrishFlute solo
Panzerlied K. WiehleFlute solo
Parademarsch der Spielleute Trad. GermanFlute solo
Pas cadencé Trad. FrenchFlute solo
Pat On Parade Trad. IrishFlute solo
Philadelphia Hop Waltz J. HemmenwayFlute duet
Port Beag do Shaeonaidh Beag R. CampbellFlute solo
Powhatan's Daughter J.P. SousaFlute solo
from L'Arlésienne Suite No. 1, Op. 23
G. BizetFlute solo
Preußens Gloria J.G. PiefkeFlute solo
Preußischer Präsentiermarsch Friedrich W. IIIFlute solo
Prince of Denmark's March J. ClarkeFlute & bass
Radetzky March Op. 228J. Strauss IFlute solo
Restoration March Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Rolling Thunder H. FillmoreFlute solo
Rory O'More S. LoverFlute solo
Sarie Marais TraditionalFlute solo
Scotland the Brave Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Scott Skinner's Compliments to Dr. MacDonald J.S. SkinnerFlute solo
Scrappy Patrick R. CampbellFlute solo
Semper Fidelis J.P. SousaFlute solo
Slash Away the Pressing Gang Trad. IrishFlute solo
So Long, Mother E. Van AlstyneFlute & Piano
Son ar Chistr Trad. BretonFlute solo
St. Patrick's Day Trad. IrishFlute solo
Stars and Stripes Forever J.P. SousaFlute & Piano
Steam Boat Quick Step Trad. AmericanFlute duet
Sussex by the Sea W. Ward-HiggsFlute solo
Taigh nan Ròs R. CampbellFlute solo
Tarla C. CampbellFlute solo
The Army Goes Rolling Along E.L. GruberFlute solo
The Atholl Highlanders Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Balmoral Highlanders A. MacKayFlute solo
The Battle Hymn of the Republic W. SteffeFlute & Piano
The Battle of Aughrim Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Battle of the Somme W. LawrieFlute solo
The Beard Mhòr R. CampbellFlute solo
The Bonnie Blue Flag Trad. IrishFlute & Piano
The Boy's Lament for His Dragon Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The British Grenadiers Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Bronze Card R. CampbellFlute solo
The Butchers' March Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Campbells Are Coming Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Clan MacKellaig R. CampbellFlute solo
The Dashing White Sergeant H. BishopFlute duet
The Dawning of the Day Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Drum Major TraditionalFlute solo
The Drunken Piper Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Earl of Mansfield Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Fairest of the Fair J.P. SousaFlute solo
The Fingalians' Dance Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Foggy Dew Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Garb of Old Gaul J. ReidFlute solo
The Girl I Left Behind Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Hibernian Jig Trad. IrishFlute solo
The High Road to Gairloch Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Hills of Alva T. MuirheadFlute solo
The Hungarian March Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Imperial Quick Step Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Inverness Gathering Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Kinnegad Slashers Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Lass of Richmond Hill J. HookFlute solo
The Lea Rigg Trad. ScottishFlute duet
The Liberty Bell J.P. SousaFlute solo
The MacNeils of Ugadale J.M. MacKenzieFlute solo
The Maple Leaf Forever A. MuirFlute & Piano
The Marines' Hymn TraditionalFlute & Piano
The Mellow Horn Trad. AmericanFlute duet
The Midlothian Pipe Band F. BeatonFlute solo
The Minstrel Boy Trad. IrishFlute & Piano
The Moss Road R. CampbellFlute solo
The North Wind Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Oldest Swinger in Castlebay City R. CampbellFlute solo
The Pale Blue Dot R. CampbellFlute solo
The Pathfinder of Panama J.P. SousaFlute solo
The Preobrazhensky March TraditionalFlute solo
The Queen's Funeral March
from Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary, Z. 860
H. PurcellFlute quartet
The Rambler from Ross Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Soldier's Glory Trad. EnglishFlute duet
The Sweet Maid of Glendaurel Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Teddy Bears' Picnic J.W. BrattonFlute duet
The Thompson's Beach C. CampbellFlute solo
The Thunderer J.P. SousaFlute solo
The Washington Post J.P. SousaFlute solo
The Weavers' March Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The World Turned Upside Down Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Yellow Rose of Texas Trad. AmericanFlute solo
Thomas Aikenhead R. CampbellFlute solo
Tràigh a' Ghortein R. CampbellFlute solo
Trip to Hiort R. CampbellFlute solo
Turkish March
from The Ruins of Athens, Op. 113
L. van BeethovenFlute solo
Turkish Rondo
from Piano Sonata No. 11, K. 331, Mvmt. 3
W.A. MozartFlute solo
Under the Double Eagle Op. 159J.F. WagnerFlute solo
Wagramer-Grenadiermarsch Op. 60J. WiedemannFlute solo
Walter Scott's March TraditionalFlute duet
Westering Home H.S. RobertonFlute solo
When Johnny Comes Marching Home P. GilmoreFlute solo
When the Saints Go Marching In Trad. AmericanFlute solo
With Pleasure J.P. SousaFlute solo
Yankee Doodle Trad. AmericanFlute solo
Yorckscher Marsch WoO 18L. van BeethovenFlute solo
You're a Grand Old Flag G.M. CohanFlute solo