Browse Tunes in A major (easy level)

from Violin Sonata No. 9 in A major, Op. 5, No. 9
A. CorelliFlute & Piano
Adeste Fideles J.F. WadeFlute & Piano
All of one Mind
from Twelve Country Dances for the Year 1779
I. SanchoFlute & bass
Allan Ramsay Trad. ScottishFlute solo
An Irishman's Heart to the Ladies Trad. IrishFlute solo
Au clair de la lune Trad. FrenchFlute & Piano
Bantry Bay J.L. MolloyFlute & Piano
Ben Heaval R. CampbellFlute solo
Billy Barlow Trad. IrishFlute solo
Blackeyed Biddy Trad. IrishFlute solo
Blue Eyed Mary Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Bold Captain Freney Trad. IrishFlute solo
Bonnie Banchory J.S. SkinnerFlute solo
Break in Borve R. CampbellFlute solo
Ceridwen and Martin's Nusa Lembongan Wedding R. CampbellFlute solo
Charlie Stewart Trad. IrishFlute solo
Ciaccona in A major J.H. SchmelzerFlute & bass
from 12 Petites sonates à deux Flûtes Traversières, No. 12, Op. 13, No. 12
J.B. de BoismortierFlute duet
Cradle Song J.S. SkinnerFlute solo
Dancing in the Tunnel C. CampbellFlute solo
Dick the Welshman Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Dougal The Servitor R. CampbellFlute solo
Eight Men of Muidart Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Every Man in His Humour Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Farewell to Millennium Village R. CampbellFlute solo
Fiddlers' Heaven Trad. IrishFlute solo
Fuzzy Fuzzy Cute Cute P. GrippFlute solo
Ger the Rigger Trad. IrishFlute solo
Harvest Time Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Hawaiʻi Aloha J. McGranahanFlute solo
I Attempt from Love's Sickness
from The Indian Queen, Z. 630
H. PurcellFlute & Piano
I Lo'e Nae a Laddie but Ane Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Ian MacLean R. CampbellFlute solo
Jack-of-All-Trades Trad. IrishFlute solo
Johnny When You Die Trad. IrishFlute solo
Kempshott Hunt Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Kilcoy Castle Trad. ScottishFlute solo
King George V's Army G.S. McLennanFlute solo
Lamb Skinnet Trad. ScottishFlute solo
from 12 Petites sonates à deux Flûtes Traversières, No. 6, Op. 13, No. 6
J.B. de BoismortierFlute duet
from Flute Sonata No. 1 in A major, Op. 1, No. 1
J.-C. NaudotFlute & bass
Les Pasteurs
from 55 Easy Pieces, Op. 22, No. 27
J.B. de BoismortierFlute duet
Limber Elbow Trad. IrishFlute solo
Lochaber No More Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Long John's Wedding Trad. IrishFlute solo
Mary Do It Again Trad. IrishFlute solo
Meg Merrilies Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Old Joe Clark Trad. AmericanFlute solo
Over the Rainbow
from The Wizard of Oz
H. ArlenFlute solo
Paddy's Resource Trad. IrishFlute solo
Pensez à moi J.G. DrakeFlute duet
Prélude in A major
from 55 Easy Pieces, Op. 22, No. 26
J.B. de BoismortierFlute duet
Rory O'More S. LoverFlute solo
Sarabande Op. 1, No. 1P. MerkusFlute duet
from 12 Petites sonates à deux Flûtes Traversières, No. 12, Op. 13, No. 12
J.B. de BoismortierFlute duet
She Moved Through the Fair Trad. IrishFlute solo
Shuter's Hornpipe Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Simple Gifts J. BrackettFlute solo
Sir Edward Pine Coffin R. CampbellFlute solo
Study No. 14 in A major
from A Theoretical and Practical Essay on the Boehm Flute, Op. 87
J. ClintonFlute solo
Study No. 14 in A major
from Thirty Easy and Progressive Studies
G. GariboldiFlute solo
Study No. 3 in A major
from A Theoretical and Practical Essay on the Boehm Flute, Op. 87
J. ClintonFlute solo
Study No. 6 in A major
from 50 Etudes mélodiques, Op. 4
J. DemerssemanFlute solo
Summer Evening Trad. IrishFlute solo
Sweet Hour W.B. BradburyFlute quartet
Tarla C. CampbellFlute solo
The Antrim Lasses Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Boys of Ballinafad Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Butchers' March Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Clever Colleen Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Devil To Pay Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Figure of Three W. ‘Piper’ JacksonFlute solo
The Heights of Dargai Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The High Road to Gairloch Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Highway to Dublin Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Hooded Wean R. CampbellFlute solo
The Humors of Ballycastle Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Humors of Tralibane Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Interviewee R. CampbellFlute solo
The Jovial Dancers Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Kneebuckle Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Lasses of Sligo Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Lowdon Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Market Town Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Month of May Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Moss Road R. CampbellFlute solo
The Night Paddy Murphy Died J. BurkeFlute solo
The Old Man's Delight Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Redhaired Hag Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Roving Blade Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Showman's Jig Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Slumbering Minstrel J.S. SkinnerFlute solo
The Stool of Repentance Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Sweet Maid of Glendaurel Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Switzer's Song of Home I. MoschelesFlute duet
The White Blanket Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Yellow Rose of Texas Trad. AmericanFlute solo
There's Nae Luck Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Trio in A P. PopeFlute & Guitar