Browse Tunes in B-flat major (easy level)

A Hundred Years Since Trad. ScottishFlute solo
A Scottish Soldier J. MacLeodFlute solo
After the Ball C.K. HarrisFlute & Piano
Alice, Where Art Thou? J. AscherFlute & Piano
All the Go Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Ar Hyd y Nos Trad. WelshFlute duet
Balcomie House Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Bože pravde D. JenkoFlute solo
Bridal Chorus
from Lohengrin
R. WagnerFlute solo
Chad Gadya Trad. JewishFlute solo
from Partita No. 1, TWV 41:B1, Mvmt. 3
G.P. TelemannFlute & Piano
Duet No. 14 in B-flat major
from 36 Petits Duos Mélodiques Faciles et Chantants, Op. 72
B.T. BerbiguierFlute duet
Duet No. 6 in B-flat major
from 20 Easy Melodic Progressive Exercises, Book 1, Op. 93, No. 1
E. KöhlerFlute duet
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton J.E. SpilmanFlute & Chords
Go Tell It on the Mountain Trad. AmericanFlute solo
Grandfather's Clock H.C. WorkFlute & Piano
Grimaldi's Whim Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Harlequin Gambols Trad. EnglishFlute solo
from Abdelazer, Z. 570
H. PurcellFlute & Piano
How Firm a Foundation Trad. AmericanFlute solo
How Great Thou Art Trad. SwedishFlute solo
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles J. KellettFlute & Piano
Il Canto degli Italiani M. NovaroFlute & Piano
Il est né, le divin enfant Trad. FrenchFlute solo
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear R.S. WillisFlute duet
It's a Long Way to Tipperary J. JudgeFlute & Piano
Jack O'Neill's Fancy Trad. IrishFlute solo
Kate Kearney Trad. IrishFlute solo
Kelly's Number Two Trad. IrishFlute solo
Kendal House Trad. EnglishFlute solo
La Brabançonne F. van CampenhoutFlute & Piano
La Castillanne
from 55 Easy Pieces, Op. 22, No. 48
J.B. de BoismortierFlute duet
Lady Mary Montagu's Reel
from Twelve Country Dances for the Year 1779
I. SanchoFlute & bass
from Six Canonic Sonatas for Two Flutes, No. 2, Op. 5, TWV 40:119, Mvmt. 2
G.P. TelemannFlute duet
from Chamber Concerto in D minor, RV 96
A. VivaldiFlute & Piano
from Sonata for Two Flutes No. 10 in G minor, Op. 5, No. 10, Mvmt. 3
J.-B. Loeillet de GantFlute duet
from Partita No. 1, TWV 41:B1, Mvmt. 5
G.P. TelemannFlute & Piano
Leap Over the Garter Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Lough Erne's Shore Trad. IrishFlute solo
Marcha Real TraditionalFlute solo
Marching Through Georgia H.C. WorkFlute solo
from Recorder Sonata No. 7 in B-flat major, SF.775, Op. 2, No. 7, Mvmt. 5
B. MarcelloFlute & Piano
Miss Mary Douglas Trad. ScottishFlute solo
Montagnarde Op. 61 No. 2P. MerkusFlute & Piano
No Surrender Trad. IrishFlute solo
Nothing but the Blood R. LowryFlute solo
O alte Burschenherrlichkeit Trad. GermanFlute solo
Olympic Hymn S. SamarasFlute solo
Over There G.M. CohanFlute & Piano
Panzerlied K. WiehleFlute solo
Portsmouth Rout Trad. EnglishFlute solo
from Trio Sonata No. 5 in B-flat major, Op. 2, No. 5
A. CorelliFlute duet
from Six Canonic Sonatas for Two Flutes, No. 6, Op. 5, TWV 40:123, Mvmt. 2
G.P. TelemannFlute duet
Standing on the Promises R.K. CarterFlute solo
Student sein O. LobFlute solo
Study No. 13 in B-flat major
from Thirty Easy and Progressive Studies
G. GariboldiFlute solo
Study No. 15 in B-flat major
from A Theoretical and Practical Essay on the Boehm Flute, Op. 87
J. ClintonFlute solo
Study No. 35 in B-flat major
from 58 Esercizi per flauto
G. GariboldiFlute solo
Study No. 9 in B-flat major
from Thirty Easy and Progressive Studies
G. GariboldiFlute solo
Sussex by the Sea W. Ward-HiggsFlute solo
Take Me Out to the Ball Game A. Von TilzerFlute solo
Te voglio bene assaje Trad. ItalianFlute & Piano
The Battle Cry of Freedom G.F. RootFlute & Piano
The Battle Hymn of the Republic W. SteffeFlute & Piano
The Dorsetshire Hornpipe Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Guard House Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Holy City M. MaybrickFlute & Piano
The Legacy Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Maple Leaf Forever A. MuirFlute & Piano
The New York Volunteer G.A. HodsonFlute solo
The Preobrazhensky March TraditionalFlute solo
The Royal Bishop
from Twelve Country Dances for the Year 1779
I. SanchoFlute & bass
The Star-Spangled Banner J.S. SmithFlute & Piano
The Sweet Barrow Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Thistle Trad. ScottishFlute solo
The Zeak Waltz Trad. EnglishFlute solo
Wagramer-Grenadiermarsch Op. 60J. WiedemannFlute solo
When This Cruel War Is Over H. TuckerFlute & Piano
Wütend wälzt sich einst im Bette K.F.A. HeringFlute solo