Browse Tunes by Instrumentation

Here you can browse all the pieces in our collections by instrumentation. If you are looking for a piece for flute and piano, keep in mind that virtually all of the pieces with harpsichord, harp, or organ accompaniment can also be played with a piano.

If you need a more fine-grained search, remember that you can always use the search box and specify the particular instrumentation you need (e.g. “duet” or “piano”) along with your other criteria.

Flute solo2107
Flute duet743
Flute trio95
Flute quartet25
Flute and Piano330
Flute and bass instrument351
Flute and Organ10
Flute and Harp/Piano6
Flute and Harpsichord/Piano193
Flute and Strings12
Flute and Guitar chords50
Flute and Guitar8
Two Flutes and Piano5
Flute choir1

In most cases, flute parts can also be played on different instruments, such as the violin or the oboe. For pieces with an accompaniment, some adaptation is needed when replacing the flute with a transposing instrument such as the clarinet or the saxophone; see our articles for detailed instructions on how to deal with this case.

If you are looking for pieces that suit the piccolo particularly well, check out the Piccolo tunes category.