Sheet Music: Military music

79th's Farewell to Gibraltar J. MacDonaldFlute solo
Anchors Aweigh C.A. ZimmermanFlute solo
Augen geradeaus Trad. GermanFlute solo
British Grenadier's March Trad. EnglishFlute trio
Chanson de l'oignon Trad. FrenchFlute solo
Colonel Bogey March F.J. RickettsFlute solo
Der Coburger M. HaydnFlute solo
Eternal Father, Strong to Save J.B. DykesFlute duet
Garryowen Trad. IrishFlute solo
Heart of Oak W. BoyceFlute solo
Hell on the Wabash Trad. AmericanFlute solo
Hohenfriedberger March Frederick the GreatFlute solo
King George V's Army G.S. McLennanFlute solo
La Strasbourgeoise Trad. FrenchFlute solo
La victoire est à nous A. GrétryFlute solo
Le Boudin WilhelmFlute solo
Lilliburlero Trad. IrishFlute solo
Lochiel's March Trad. ScottishFlute duet
March on the Drina S. BiničkiFlute solo
Marche Militaire
from Three Marches militaires, D.733, Op. 51, No. 1
F. SchubertFlute & Piano
Men of Harlech Trad. WelshFlute solo
On, Brave Old Army Team P. EgnerFlute solo
Panzerlied K. WiehleFlute solo
Parademarsch der Spielleute Trad. GermanFlute solo
Pas cadencé Trad. FrenchFlute solo
Preußens Gloria J.G. PiefkeFlute solo
Preußischer Präsentiermarsch Friedrich W. IIIFlute solo
Prince of Denmark's March J. ClarkeFlute & bass
Radetzky March Op. 228J. Strauss IFlute solo
Shenandoah Trad. AmericanFlute & bass
Sussex by the Sea W. Ward-HiggsFlute solo
The Army Goes Rolling Along E.L. GruberFlute solo
The Battle Hymn of the Republic W. SteffeFlute & Piano
The Battle of the Somme W. LawrieFlute solo
The British Grenadiers Trad. EnglishFlute solo
The Drum Major TraditionalFlute solo
The Garb of Old Gaul J. ReidFlute solo
The Girl I Left Behind Trad. IrishFlute solo
The Lass of Richmond Hill J. HookFlute solo
The Liberty Bell J.P. SousaFlute solo
The Marines' Hymn TraditionalFlute & Piano
The Preobrazhensky March TraditionalFlute solo
Under the Double Eagle Op. 159J.F. WagnerFlute solo
Wagramer-Grenadiermarsch Op. 60J. WiedemannFlute solo
When Johnny Comes Marching Home P. GilmoreFlute solo
Yankee Doodle Trad. AmericanFlute solo
Yorckscher Marsch WoO 18L. van BeethovenFlute solo