Sheet Music: Adagio

from Six Canonic Sonatas for Two Flutes, No. 1
Opus numberOp. 5, TWV 40:118, Mvmt. 2
ComposerGeorg Philipp Telemann (1681–1767)
InstrumentationFlute duet
KeyE minor
Time signature2/4
Tempo30 BPM
Performance time1:15
Difficulty levelintermediate
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Date added2011-01-09
Last updated2011-01-09
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Baroque, Canons, Sonatas


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Sunday 9 January 2011

Tune of the Day: Adagio by Telemann

from Canonic Sonata for Two Flutes No.1

This Adagio is the second movement of Georg Philipp Telemann's first Canonic Sonata. In this instance, the word canonic means “in the manner of a canon”; that is, the two players play the exact same melody, but one measure apart.

Remember that, since this is a Baroque piece, trills should be played beginning on the note above the one indicated. In this case, it is also nice to end the trills by playing the note below the one indicated, followed by the note itself; for instance, to trill a D, you could play E-D-E-D-E-D-C-D. Just be careful to add the appropriate accidentals!

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