Sheet Music: Pan et les Bergers

TitlePan et les Bergers
from La Flûte de Pan
Alternate titlesPan and the Shepherds
Opus numberOp. 15, Mvmt. 1
ComposerJules Mouquet (1867–1946)
InstrumentationFlute and Piano
KeyF major
Time signature2/2
Tempo66 BPM
Performance time3:50
Difficulty leveladvanced
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Date added2010-03-11
Last updated2021-12-29
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20th century, Sonatas, Written for Flute


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Thursday 11 March 2010

Tune of the Day: Pan et les Bergers

from “La Flûte de Pan” by Jules Mouquet

Mouquet's best-loved work, La Flûte de Pan is an excellent example of a neoclassical work directly influenced by Greek mythology. As you should probably already know, Pan is the legendary Greek god of shepherds, who has the physical characteristics of both a goat and a human. In one story, Pan chased a nymph named Syrinx because she ran away before he could give her any compliments. He chased her to a riverbank, where she transformed into reeds. All Pan could do was take some of the reeds and make an instrument out of it, which is why he is commonly associated with the flute.

The first movement of Mouquet's sonata, titled “Pan et les Bergers” (“Pan and the Shepherds”) has an energetic but pastoral quality. Flourishes of notes evoke images of a shepherd's busy day in the mountains.

Thanks to Wendy for suggesting this piece!

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