Sheet Music: Der Flohwalzer

TitleDer Flohwalzer
Alternate titlesThe Flea Waltz
InstrumentationFlute solo
KeyG-flat major
Time signature2/4
Tempo108 BPM
Performance time1:05
Difficulty levelintermediate
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Date added2009-09-06
Last updated2009-09-06
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Sunday 6 September 2009

Tune of the Day: Der Flohwalzer

Traditional piano piece, arranged for Flute solo

This piece, which is traditionally performed on the piano, is known all over the world under a variety of names. It is known in Spain as La Chocolatera, in the Netherlands as Vlooienmars (“Flea March”), in Belgium as Valse des Puces (“Flea Waltz”), in Russia as Sobachiy Val's (“Dog Waltz”), in Bulgaria as Koteshki Marsh (“Cat March”), in Hungary as Szamárinduló (“Donkey March”), in Majorca as Polca de los Tontos (“Fools' Polka”), in Denmark as Prinsesse Toben (“Princess Two-Legs”), in Mexico as Los Changuitos (“The Little Monkeys”), in Finland as Kissanpolkka (“Cat Polka”), in Japan as Neko Funjatta (“I Stepped on the Cat”), and in China as “Thief March”. In the UK it is called “Chopsticks”, but beware: in the rest of the world, the title “Chopsticks” refers to a wholly different piece.

Please note that, despite its German name, the piece is not a waltz, since it has 2/4 time signature. (The time signature of a waltz is always 3/4.)

The key of the piece is G-flat major (that's right, with six flats), so it may prove to be a rather tricky (but very useful) sight-reading exercise. By the way, that's the key in which the piece is usually played.