Sheet Music: Last Spring

TitleLast Spring
from Elegiac Melodies
Alternate titlesLetzter Frühling
Dernier printemps
Opus numberOp. 34, No. 2
ComposerEdvard Grieg (1843–1907)
InstrumentationFlute and Piano
KeyD major
Time signature4/4
Tempo72 BPM
Performance time3:45
Difficulty levelintermediate
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Date added2012-09-10
Last updated2012-09-10
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Monday 10 September 2012

Tune of the Day: Last Spring

by Edvard Grieg, transcribed for flute and piano

In the period between 1877–1880, Grieg produced a set of songs as his Op. 33 on texts by Norwegian poet Aasmund Vinje. The composer had been greatly inspired by the poet's verses, so much so that after completing the set, he decided to arrange two of its songs for string orchestra, this one “Last Spring” and “The Wounded Heart”. He made piano versions of them as well.

“Last Spring” is a sad piece; in the song version, the text tells of a dying man who is aware he is observing his last spring. The main theme is nostalgic and features considerable expressive depth, especially considering Grieg's penchant for lightness of mood even in melancholy works. It has an air of resignation about it, but as it struggles on, its manner sweetens a bit, nearly suggesting hope.

Thanks to Phil for suggesting this piece!