Sheet Music: At the Fountain

TitleAt the Fountain
from 25 Romantic Studies
Alternate titlesA la fontaine
Am Springbrunnen
Opus numberOp. 66, No. 6
ComposerErnesto Köhler (1849–1907)
InstrumentationFlute solo
KeyG minor
Time signature3/8
Tempo138 BPM
Performance time1:30
Difficulty levelintermediate
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Etudes, Romantic, Written for Flute


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Saturday 14 July 2012

Tune of the Day: At the Fountain

from Köhler's “25 Romantic Studies”

This is étude No. 6 from Ernesto Köhler's 25 Romantic Studies. Bring out the contrast between slurred and staccato notes; the latter must give the impression of water falling drop by drop.

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