Sheet Music: Santianna

Alternate titlesSantiana
Santy Anna
Santy Anno
InstrumentationFlute solo
KeyE minor
Time signature2/2
Tempo80 BPM
Performance time0:50
Difficulty leveleasy
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Date added2012-06-01
Last updated2012-06-01
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Sea shanties, Traditional/Folk


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Friday 1 June 2012

Tune of the Day: Santianna

Traditional sea shanty

This shanty is popularly supposed to have been started by British seamen who jumped ship to serve with Mexican general Antonio López de Santa Anna in the Mexican-American War (1846–1848). Tension between the USA and Britain was still high, and Santa Anna became a hero-figure to those countries opposing the US.

A French-language version of the song, “Santiano”, was popularized first in the early 1960s by Hugues Aufray, then in 2005 when it was successfully covered by Star Academy 5. It is now by far the most well-known shanty in France.

Thanks to Guillaume for suggesting this tune!