Notice: The tuner below requires Java to run. We now have a new and improved tuner that does not require Java; if you have a modern browser, check it out!

Security Issues

Allowing applets to input sound has security implications, as it might allow malicious people to write applets which would eavesdrop on conversations near your computer! Our tuner does not, of course, use the sounds it hears for any purpose other than tuning; because of this issue, however, browsers do not (by default) allow applets on web pages to input sound.

That's why you must give it permission to run when asked. If you don't give permission then the applet will report that it is unable to input sound. If you refuse permission then merely reloading the page will not give you a second chance: you must exit your browser completely and relaunch it, revisit this page, and you will be asked for permission again.

Technical Troubleshooting

IMPORTANT: After Java 7 update 51 the security level for online applets is set to “high” by default, which doesn't allow unsigned and self-signed applets to run. Please try lowering the security level to "medium", or adding as an exception. Click here for more details.

In order to work, this tuner requires that a microphone be set up on your computer. Most laptops nowadays come with a built-in microphone; desktop computers, on the other hand, usually need an external microphone to be attached to the appropriate input of the sound card.

If the tuner applet is not displayed at the top of this page, then this is most likely to be a problem with running Java in your browser. This applet requires the Java Runtime Environment JRE 1.4 or later.

You need to have the Java plugin for your browser installed and enabled. First check your browser preferences and make sure you have Java enabled. Then close all browser windows you have open, then relaunch your browser and then visit the page again.

If that doesn't fix it, then you should make sure you have the latest JRE version from Sun (the developers of Java). Visit Sun at and click the Free Java Download button to install the JRE on your system.

License Terms and Conditions

The Free Online Tuner is Copyright © 2010–2011. All rights reserved. We provide it on our website for free use, subject to the following conditions:

  • You may use it as provided on our website, but you may not host it on any other server. You are welcome to link to it from your site: you must link to
  • You may not modify, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or create derivative works of the Tuner or any part of it.
  • While we make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Tuner is bug-free and performs as it should, we cannot guarantee that it will always perform as expected or accept any liability for any aspect of its use.
  • We do not promise to provide support, but in fact you will probably get a helpful reply if you contact us. Please read the Technical Troubleshooting section above, first.