Browse Tunes by Difficulty Level

All of the pieces in our collection are given a simple difficulty rating. These ratings are only a general indication based on our personal opinion, and there is no direct correspondence to US or UK grades. When grading a piece we to take into account several factors, including key, tempo, note range, uncommon rhythms, articulation, etc.

As a rule of thumb, we only label as “easy” pieces that have a limited number of accidentals, that have few or no high-register notes and wide intervals, and that can be played at a comfortable tempo. We label as “intermediate” those pieces that can be played well by the average amateur after some practice. Finally, we label as “advanced” those pieces that require some considerable effort.

Remember that “easy” does not necessarily imply “trivial”! If played with musicality and sensitivity, an easy piece can be just as beautiful as a difficult one!

If you need a more fine-grained search, remember that you can always use the search box and specify the particular level of difficulty you want (“easy”, “intermediate”, or advanced”) along with your other criteria.

Flute solo9401368177
Flute duet26064312
Flute trio27736
Flute quartet14122
Flute and Piano11721218
Flute and bass instrument5640310
Flute and Organ470
Flute and Harp/Piano060
Flute and Harpsichord/Piano341848
Flute and Strings1120
Flute and Guitar chords25270
Flute and Guitar190
Two Flutes and Piano140
Flute choir010