Sheet Music by Arthur Sullivan

Born: 13 June 1842

Died: 22 November 1900

Princess Ida
Oh, Goddess Wise Flute & Piano
Hornpipe Flute solo
The Mikado
I Am So Proud Flute trio
The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring Flute & Piano
The Sun, Whose Rays Are All Ablaze Flute & Piano
The Pirates of Penzance
Ah, leave me not to pine Flute & Piano
Major-General's Song Flute & Piano
The Yeoman of the Guard
A Man Who Would Woo a Fair Maid Flute & Piano
Hereupon We're Both Agreed Flute & Piano
I Have a Song to Sing, O! Flute & Piano
Oh! a Private Buffoon is a Light-Hearted Loon Flute & Piano