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Tuesday 23 July 2024

Tune of the Day: Sheep May Safely Graze

 from J.S. Bach's cantata “Was mir behagt, ist nur die muntre Jagd”

One of the best loved of Bach's secular cantatas, the Hunt Cantata, BWV 208, was composed in 1713 by Johann Sebastian Bach for the 35th birthday of Prince Christian of Saxen-Weißenfels. Movement 9, Aria 5, Schafe können sicher weiden (“Sheep may safely graze”), is certainly the most familiar part of this cantata.

We propose the original arrangement in B flat major, for soprano with 2 recorders and continuo. You may play the part of the soprano, or one of the two recorders.

Categories: Arias Baroque Wedding music Difficulty: intermediate
Monday 22 July 2024

Tune of the Day: National Anthem of the Dominican Republic

 arranged for flute and piano

Composer José Rufino Reyes y Siancas was inspired to create this national anthem for the Dominican Republic in 1882, after seeing the Argentine anthem in a newspaper.

The anthem is also known as “Quisqueyanos valientes”, after the first verse of the lyrics, although that was never the official title. Interestingly, the Spanish name of the Dominican Republic, “República Dominicana”, is never used in the anthem's official Spanish lyrics, nor is the word “dominicanos”. Rather, the anthem uses the indigenous word for the island of Hispaniola, “Quisqueya”.

Thanks to Leomar for suggesting this piece!

Categories: National anthems Patriotic Difficulty: intermediate
Sunday 21 July 2024

Tune of the Day: Biddy Maloney

 Traditional Irish jig

This lively 7-part jig is taken from Chicago Police captain Francis O'Neill's celebrated collection Music of Ireland, published in 1903. O'Neill cites as his source the manuscript collection of retired businessman and Irish music enthusiast John Gillan, who collected from musicians in his home county of Longford and the adjoining Leitrim.

Categories: Jigs Traditional/Folk Difficulty: intermediate
Saturday 20 July 2024

Tune of the Day: Study in C major by Gariboldi

 from “20 Petites Etudes”

This is the first study from Italian flutist and composer Giuseppe Gariboldi's Twenty Studies, Op. 132. The piece is based on an extremely simple theme repeated at different heights, and on the alternation of staccato and legato articulation.

Categories: Etudes Romantic Written for Flute Difficulty: easy
Friday 19 July 2024

Tune of the Day: Air by Mattheson

 from Flute Sonata No. 9

This is the third movement of a sonata for 3 flutes in G minor by the German Baroque composer and music theorist Johann Mattheson. It was published in Amsterdam in 1708.

Categories: Baroque Sonatas Written for Flute Difficulty: intermediate
Thursday 18 July 2024

Tune of the Day: Siciliano

 by Lewis Granom

Lewis Granom was an English composer and flutist, active during the second half of the 18th century. He wrote many songs and pieces popular in their day.

The siciliano we propose today is a slow 6/8 piece in minor mode.

Categories: Classical Sicilianas Difficulty: intermediate
Wednesday 17 July 2024

Tune of the Day: The Rambler from Clare

 Traditional Irish jig

The earliest appearance of this jig is found in Ryan's Mammoth Collection, published in Boston in 1883.

Clare is a county in western Ireland, renowned for its legacy in traditional Irish music and for an abundance of spectacular scenery.

Categories: Jigs Traditional/Folk Difficulty: easy